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Believe it or not, this bust we are standing before is the bust of a mathematician – Mihailo Petrović, better known in Belgrade and Serbia as Mika Alas (Mike Fisher). Read more >>

Welcome cocktail and on-site registration: thursday, August 31, from 6pm till 8pm in the building of ETF.

The conference activities will take place in the following three locations, close to each other:

Up-to-date program of the MAGT conference with all dates, speakers and titles is available here.

To find the time of your talk, click here here.

About Conference

Welcome to the official Web site for International mathematical conference - Topics in mathematical analysis and graph theory.

In occasion of the golden jubilee (1956-2006) of the journal Publications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering-series Mathematics an international mathematical conference will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 1-4 September 2006.

The conference is a satellite to International Congress of Mathematicians that will take place in Madrid, 22-30 august 2006. Selected papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of 'Publications'.


  • Classical mathematical analysis, including inequalities and convexity;
  • Graph theory and combinatorics;
  • Special functions;
  • Differential equations;
  • Functional analysis;
  • Numerical analysis;
  • Complex analysis;
  • Probability and Statistics;
  • Mathematical aspects of computer science;
  • Differential geometry and related topics;
  • Number theory;
  • Applications of mathematics in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

The name of the conference is Topics in Mathematical Analysis and Graph Theory, but all subjects listed above are equally welcome!


Registration is required for participation in the scientific program and other Conference activities.

You can register online not later than June 15, 2006.

New York Times writes: Belgrade Rocks

NIGHT falls in the capital of the former Yugoslavia, and music fills the air. Everywhere.

Along the banks of the Danube and Sava Rivers, serpentine chains of music-blasting splavovi - floating raft clubs - snake into the inky Balkan night. Fortified by huge meat-kebab dinners and Turkish coffees from Belgrade's myriad cafes, crowds of night owls line up to partake variously of Gypsy bands, electronic mixes, rock 'n' roll and a distinctly Serbian hybrid known as Turbofolk... Read More>>

Dragoslav S. Mitrinović

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Belgrade
The founder of Publications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Series: Mathematics and Physics
Enlarge picture >>

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of University of Belgrade
University of Belgrade's Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the oldest institution of its kind in Serbia...

Publications of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Golden jubilee (1956-2006) of the journal Publications of the faculty of Electrical Engineering-series Mathematics...

2006. - 150 Years from Nikola Tesla's birth

Nikola TESLA, electrical engineer and inventor
Nikola Tesla, American scientist of Serbian origin, gave his greatest contribution to science and technological progress of the world...

An extension of the conference

Mathematical Insitute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts organizes a one day conference devoted to the 40 years of scientific work jubilee of Academician Dragoš Cvetković...